Girl sitting in front of door of cathedral in Madrid, Spain

                                                                                  My first solo trip to Spain.


Welcome! I’m Jaimee Ratliff and the mission of my blog is to inspire you to live a life dedicated to doing what makes you happy.

Want to know what makes me happy?


Whether I’m exploring Houston–the cultural melting pot where I currently reside–or hostelling my way through a European country–the thrill of exploration keeps me up at night.

I think I’ve just about got the art of packing only one carry on bag in under sixty minutes and making a mad dash to the airport down to a science.

For my first experience abroad, I jet-setted to Spain on a solo mission and haven’t slowed down since. Throughout my travels, I’ve carpooled in Germany, couch surfed in Amsterdam and slept in the rain in Maui.

Oh. I forgot to mention one other important thing.

I love storytelling. If you like love reading amazing stories and tips about travel and inspirational accounts on personal development and fearless living, then you will find yourself right at home here.

My hope is that after reading one, three, five or every single post, you will feel empowered to continue or begin your own adventure and explore the world around you and the power you have within you.

My greatest hope is that you never, ever stop exploring.


Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 4.15.55 PM





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